Racing A Dog Star – Richard Prosch


In reading Richard’s stories, it always feel like one is there with old friends.91dCf4o+U-L._SL1500_ Young Jo Harper and her pal Frog from WAITING FOR A COMET are back getting into all sorts of mischief. We know these folks, or people like them, and have all gotten into the same sort of hijinks when we were kids.

Jo and Frog take a ride on a “borrowed” Model T and head right into a mystery and danger, ultimately helped out of it by Abbie Drake, Willowby’s Constable.

Fun for young adults of all ages.

Can be ordered here.

New In The House


1: The Empress of Mars – Kage Baker: George Kelley posted on this one a couple of weeks ago. Sounded good.

2: I Am Pilgrim – Terry Hayes: PILGRIM is the code name for a world class and legendary secret agent. His adversary is a man known only to the reader as the Saracen. As a young boy, the Saracen barely sees his dissident father beheaded in a Saudi Arabian public square. But the event marks him for life and creates a burning desire to destroy the special relationship between the US and the Kingdom. Everything in the Saracen’s life from this moment forward will be in service to jihad.

3: Mercenary: The Secret of San Felipe – Peter Buck: had to pick this one up when I found out about it. Peter Leslie recycled one of his U.N,C,L,E. novels

and the ebook:

4: Racing A Dog Star – Richard Prosch: Richard’s sequel to WAITING FOR A COMET.

Go For Broke(Tutto Per Tutto)1968


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images (1)GO FOR BROKE, also ALL OUT in some releases, is the story of a treasure hunt. The prize: $200,000 in gold bars stolen, then re-stolen.

John Ireland and Mark Damon, Owl and Johnny Sweet respectively, are the main stars. But the film is loaded with veterans of the genre: Fernando Sancho(Carrancha), Eduardo Fajardo (Paco Nunez), Mónica Randall(Maria), José Torres (Copper Face), and Armando Calvo (Jose Gomez).

Owl and Johnny’s first meeting doesn’t get off to a good start. Johnny steals Owl’s horse after he graciously gave the young fellow a lift(Johnny’s horse had broke a leg and been shot). Their next meeting Owl spots Johnny being cheated in a card game and helps him get his revenge, clearing his name.

In the shootout with the cheater, at the man’s ranch, Johnny saves twoimages Mexicans about to be killed. Paco Nunez and Jose Gomez then offer Johnny a cut of a fortune if he and his gun throw in with them. The gold had been stolen by bandit arrancha and his gang, then stolen by an Indian named Copper Face from him. They had no idea what Copper Face looked like. Maria, Carrancha’s girl friend pops up and offers to help them find the Indian. She’s in on it with Carrancha and plans to use them to find Copper Face.

The three learn the truth when they capture the Indian. He stole the gold because Maria was his wife and had left him for Carrancha. He offers to take them to the gold for an equal share. And Maria. The others were only to happy to agree.

Late that night, when all are asleep, Maria frees Copper Face and they takeTutto per tutto off. Johnny and the Mexicans scramble the next morning when they find the couple gone. And all the horses as well. Right away, they find the couple being guarded by Owl, who cuts him in for a share. The pieces of the pie are getting smaller.

And once the gold is found, well you know what greed can do, betrayals and shifting alliances follow and the pieces begin to swell again. And there’s always Carrancha in the background lurking.

We learn at the end why Owl kept hanging on the fringes and why he wants all the gold.

An entertaining if not great western. The director of the film was Umberto Lenzi who later made a name for himself with violent cannibal films.


Lover Man – Dallas Murphy



Brash Books just keeps digging up treasures from the out of print list. From22743427 1987, LOVER MAN was an Edgar finalist for best novel.

Artie Deemer is our erstwhile hero. His dog Jellyroll(Artie is a jazz fan) is famous from TV, movies, and dog food commercials is the breadwinner of the family.

Artie is relaxing one day, smoking a joint and listening to jazz, when two cops drop in to inform him that his ex-lover Billie Burke had been murdered, tied and drowned in her bath tub.

He identifies the body and when he returns home finds a message on his phone that he’d missed. From Billie, she meeded to see him right away.

Then the message saying she would be dead when got it. Get up and go look in the ice trays at her apartment.

417TbiA5itLWhat he finds are negatives(Billie was a photographer) of the business acroos the street from her studio and some personal stuff.

What did it all mean?

Artie suddenly finds himself a reluctant investigator looking for a killer, dodging cops, Feds, and blackmailers, which it looked like Billie was a part of.

All Artie cared about was finding her killer. Those pictures held the answer, though he couldn’t see how. He had to figure out what before he became one of the dead.

Another winner from Brash Books. LOVER MAN is par of their big release coming September 2nd.

An Adventure In Space and Time(2013)

2D_RGB_ADVENTURES_REVERSEThe coming Saturday brings the season premiere of Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi’s first as our favorite Time Lord. AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE AND TIME was produced for the fiftieth anniversary of the show. It takes us all the way back to the beginning when the good Doctor was just a thought in the mind of Sidney Newman(Brian Cox). New to the BBC, he was looking to make his mark. He had a twenty-five minute slot that needed filling on Saturday evening. He wanted a science fiction piece and met immediate resistance.

Jessica Raine plays Verity Lambert, a novice producer put in charge of the show. As a woman, she had a lot to prove herself.

They wanted an older Doctor, but needed an actor that could play older, the54920262_700x700min_1 rigors of series television you know. Emphatically turned down by several actors, it was Lambert that convinced them they needed William Hartnell(David Bradley). They just had to convince him.

The movie covers the early years and the time after three years when Lambert wanted to kill the Doctor and a new concept was born. Patrick Troughton(Reece Shearsmith) became the second Doctor.

Below is the trailer for the film, below that the new series.

New In The House

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91g4ZSDy39L._SL1500_REX cover 2

1: The 6th Extinction – James Rollins: The author’s latest Sigma Force thriller

2: Mr. Mercedes – Stephen King: latest from the horror master. Less than sterling reviews in places Thought I’d give it a try.

3: The Black-eyed blone – Benjamin Black: a Philip Marlowe novel.

4: The Family Jensen: Massacre Canyon – William W. Johmstone with J. A. Johnstone

5: Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter: Bloody Sunday: William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone

6: Forty Times A Killer! = William W. Johnstone with J. A. johnstone

7: Day of Independence – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone: just catching up on the family of johnstone’s ghost writers. recent health issues got me behind.

8: No Tears For Morgan Kane – Louis masterson: Morgan Kane gets involved helping a young woman, a member of a family that had saved his life years before, and her neighbors in their battle against a crooked rancher and his gunmen.

9; Bones Never lie(ARC) – Kathy Reichs: latest Temperance Brennan thriller.

10: The Phantom: Generations – Moonstone books: twenty novellas representing every man that had posed as The Ghost who walks. Each is accompanied by wonderful artwork from different artists.

11: The Three Emperors(ARC) – William Dietrich; historical thriller featuring Ethan Gage

12: The Bully of Order(ARC) – Brian Hart: thriller at the turn of the century in a logging camp in Washington state

13: The Secret history of Wonder Woman(ARC) – Jill Lapore: title says it all.

14: Broadchurch(ARC) – Erin Kelly; novel based on the British crime drama starring David Tennant.

and the ebooks:

15: The Fyredrakes Prey – james Reasoner: a fantasy by James. Nothing else needs saying.

16: How The Wes Was Written pt 1: Ron Scheer: Ron’s look at early western novels.

17: The Masked Rider Archives volume 1: a collection of the pulp hero novels.

18: Hunger For Atlantis (review copy) – Pandora; unsolicited gift from the author. Twice actually.

19: The Return(review copy) Carter Vance

20: The re-Awakening(review copy) – Carter Vance: both attached in a surprise email.

21: Rex Randall and The Jericho Secret(review copy) attached to a surprise email.

Not sure I’ll ever review the last four. Didn’t even get the courtesy of being asked for a review. And am suspicious of the last three. Both emails came together and, considering the author names, I believe them to be the same person.

22: Red shadows, Green Hell – David Hardy: the latest from Rough edges Press.


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