Low End of Nowhere – Michael Stone


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Brash Books is going about the business of bringing crime books long out of91856unsBPL._SL1500_ print, as well as exciting new finds. LOW END OF NOWHERE is the first book in the Streeter series Michael Stone, former newspaper man, private eye, set his series in his home town of Denver.

Streeter is a bounty hunter, a skip chaser for a bail bondsman with whom he shares a former church. A former football player, bouncer, four time ex-husband, he lives off the grid, dealing in cash, a driver’s license under a different name, a car registered and insured under a third name.

He takes side jobs now and again.

This time he’s working for a woman he nailed for insurance fraud. Her boyfriend had died in a car wreck, leaving her everything in a will. His money was made in real estate and drug deals. He was also notoriously tight-fisted.

Streeter was to find where the money was hidden. Seemed simple enough, but they weren’t the only ones looking: A shady lawyer, his two thugs with their own agenda, and there seemed to be a cop in the mix.

Good stuff and can be ordered HERE.

A Taste of Vengeance(I Vigliacchi Non Pregano )1969


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112526-taste-of-vengeance-0-230-0-341-cropGianni Garko, billed as John Garko in most of his films, is probably best known for his Sartana series of spaghetti westerns of which he played the lead in four of the five movies(George Hilton took the role in the middle one), he of the black outfits and fantastic weaponry. The films have a cult-like status among the fans of the genre. In A TASTE OF VENGEANCE(another U.S. title is Cowards Don’t Pray), he plays aganist type as Bryan Clarke, a tortured soul, in a film that rises above it’s simple vengeance(a staple of the spaghetti genre) plot.

Bryan had come home from the war to be reunited with his fiancee, only to have her killed by Northern vigilantes11 masquerading as the law. Bryan is gut shot and left for dead as they rape and murder her, then set the house afire(all that is off screen). The last thing Bryan remembers is a bright star on the chest of the leader.Nothing else, except for brief flashes now and again that evoke violent reactions before he can stop himself.

Next we see him in bed, pulled from the burning house by Daniel(Ivan Rassimov, billed as Sean Todd), who patched him up and stayed with him until he was sufficiently healed to travel. Daniel has his own problems. Home from the war, he found his home burned and his kid brother, Robert(Roberto Miali, billed as Jerry Wilson) held for ransom. They want five thousand which Daniel doesn’t have.

El vengador del Sur  (1969) 4The two men team up to rescue Robert. In that rescue, Daniel gets his first hint that Bryan is just a bit crazy. He’s cold and kills without thought. Daniel stops him from killing the last man, preferring him to face trial for his misdeeds.

Bryan is hired by one rich man to kill the gun slinging son of another to gain control of the valley. Neither rich man has any redeeming qualities. Three grand he’s promised for the job, a third up front. He doesn’t mention that to Daniel or Robert when they take jobs with the first rich man. He keeps pushing the son, flirting mainly with his sister, Julie( Elisa Montés) until a duel is arranged. He finishes the job.

Daniel and Bryan split over that deal when Daniel is told the truth. He leavesEl vengador del Sur  (1969) 22 and Robert decides to go with him. Julie does as well. Bryan doesn’t collect the rest of his money as his employer is killed by the father of the dead son. Bryan goes to collect his money, kills the rancher, and convinces the gunmen there to form a gang with him, promising an even split instead of a salary.

When Daniel takes the job of town marshal that sets up the last half of the film. Daniel wants to follow the law. He has affection for Bryan, but the man’s inner demons keep pushig him to more depredations and the army comes calling. Daniel is castigated for not stopping his friend and is put on notice. Two weeks he has to get him. But even in his sights, he can’t pull the trigger. Robert volunteers to go tell Bryan to get to Mexico. That will take the heat off him.

El vengador del Sur  (1969) 1Unfortunately the young man is wearing a shiny star and Bryan reacts without thinking, horrified immediately t what he’s done. And it takes the blinders off Daniel. The trailer below is mostly from the last fifteen minutes of the movie.

An excelleny movie and many cinsider it Garko’s best, as well as director Mario Siciliano’s (billed as as Marlon Sirko).

FFB: Bubba Ho-Tep – Joe R. Lansdale



18515639Not really a forgotten book, but I’ve wanted to read this story ever since I saw the excellent film a few years ago. It first appeared in The King is Dead: Tales of Elvis Post-Mortem. The film starred Bruce Campbell as the still alive Elvis and Ossie Davis as Jack Kennedy(the old black man claims to have survived the assassination attempt, only to be died black and abandoned).

Both are residents of the Shady Rest old folks home. Elvis is still alive because he’d gotten tired of the life and switched with the best Elvis impersonator. The idea was when he was ready to return, they would swap back. A contract had been drawn up to that effect. But then the impersonator had died of a heart attack and Elvis’s contract had been lost in a fire.

The two men battle a soul sucking mummy to save the lives and souls of their fellow residents.

How does a mummy get into an East Texas rest home? Read the superb story and find out.The ebook can be found HERE.

The Big Steal(1949)


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2rc1fWMXEt5dHkBS1W2YsrwDeKRTHE BIG STEAL is a story of a theft, the prize an Army payroll of $300,000. Our proponents are Lt. Duke Halliday(Robert Mitchum, Joan Graham(Jane Greer), Capt. Vincent Blake(William Bendix), Jim Fiske)Patric Knowles), and Inspector-General Ortega)Ramon Novarro).

Fiske is the one who actually stole the payroll, Halliday is the one blamed for it, and Blake is Halliday’s boss who’s pursuing him. Joan Graham is the wronged woman pursuing the man who ripped her off. Ortega is the Mexican policeman who knows something is wrong and kind of ambling, along with his aide, Lt. Ruiz(Don Alvarado), until the players sort themselves out.

The film is one long chase across Mexico.

Lt. Halliday had been paymaster of his base, the man in charge of picking up1186711146_4 the cash each month for his base, and returning to distribute it. Fiske hijacks the cash at gunpoint and heads to Mexico where a fence, Julius Seton(John Qualen), waits. Blake pursues him with a murderous rage. Joan Graham is the woman swept off her feet by the handsome Fiske, “borrowing” two grand before disappearing without a word..

The film opens on an ocean liner docking in Mexico, with Halliday burst in on by Blake where a fight breaks out. Knocking Blake out, Halliday steals his I.D. papers befoe exiting the ship where he bumps into Graham.

images (1)All he’s interested in is clearing his name. Graham wants her money back. So naturally hook up as the chase Fiske across the desert and mountain trails, with Blake hot on their tails.

Nicely done black-and-white film with a couple of twists thrown in along the way, directed by Don Siegel and based on the short story “The Road To Carmichael’s” by Richard Wormser, a pulp writer who wrote screenplays and did tie-in work as well, which is my only knowledge of his work.

big steal lc1

New In The House

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1: The Chase: A Novel (Fox and O’Hare) by Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg: Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg, bestselling authors of The Heist, return in this action-packed, exciting adventure featuring master con artist Nicolas Fox and die-hard FBI agent Kate O’Hare. And this time around, things go from hot to nuclear when government secrets are on the line.

2: Warrior of LLarn – Gardner F. Fox: George Kelley posted on this for Forgotten Books recently. Heroic fantasy. I couldn’t resist.

3: Matt Jensen, The Last Mountain Man: Torture Town – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone: In the town of Thirty-Four Corners, Colorado, Matt Jensen rides into a savage blood feud. Thirty years ago two friends came West and built a thriving cattle business. Now, their families have become kill-crazy enemies and the town is awash in a frenzy of killing. Add in hired gunmen on both sides of the fight, and two lovers crossing the dividing line, and the terror will never end. Eager to put as many miles between himself and Thirty Four Corners, Matt Jensen just can’t bring himself to leave without trying to stop the bloodshed. But it’s going to take a lot more bullets, just as many bodies, and the steely courage of an intrepid frontiersman to let this ravaged town live again. . .

4: The Kerrigan’s: A Texas Dynasty – William W. Jonstone with J.A. Johnstone: first in a new western series.

5: Technically, Males Are Dummies and Other Stories(review copy) by Mr. Robert J. Sullivan: an eclectic collection of short fiction, steam punk, horror, detective. “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.” – Chuckles the Clown

6: Michigan Roll: A Novel – Tom Kakonis: Ex-con, professional poker player Timothy Waverly travels to Traverse City, Michigan for a break…and falls into bed with a seductress named Midnight. She’s an out-of-towner, too, there to rescue her self-destructive brother, who has stupidly ripped off a fortune in cocaine from a vicious Chicago mobster. Now she is being chased pursued by Shadow, a hemorrhoidal hitman who gleefully specializes in torture and rape, and Gleep, his muscle-bound henchman. The odds are stacked against her, but Waverly is a gambler who knows how to play them…

and the ebooks:

7: From the Shadows: The Complete Series(review copy) by KB Shaw & Mary L. Moore:
GundTech transformed the world of communications when it introduced the multiCom with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) personality at its core. Now, the reclusive former child prodigy who created the AI programming is about to unleash a technological revolution that could threaten the very fabric of society. Cameron Rush and Rosa Costas are best friends, even though they have never met in person. Cameron is from a small town in Wisconsin, while Rosa lives on a ranch in New Mexico. They are typical fifteen-year-olds living in their isolated worlds of family, school and friends. Meagan Fletcher, the technology reporter for the World Broadband Network, doesn’t trust her multiCom and she trusts GundTech even less. The young reporter is on a mission to expose the reclusive genius behind GundTech and discover the computer company’s true intent.

8: Neworld Papers Series 1: The Historian’s Tale(review copy) by KB Shaw & Mary L. Moore: Is revealing the truth worth the disruption of a society? Fallon is a young man with special talents and the willingness to explore. He lives in a peaceful world that has no concept of war, or murder, or even love. It is a society that prohibits histories and pledges itself to “The Service of Today and the Building of Tomorrow.” Fallon is torn from his sheltered life and drawn into a subversive group where he becomes a chronicler of discoveries that threaten to destroy the very fabric of Neworld.

9: The Only Living Boy # 1 – David Gallaher & Steve Ellis: Lost, without his memory, in an unfamiliar world, Erik Farrell must piece together a new life for himself. Can he survive as the only living boy left in the world?

10: Bum Luck (A Crag Banyon Mystery) – James Mullaney: When a desperate leprechaun needs to locate his lost pot of gold, there’s only one P.I. in town dogged and sober enough to take the case. Unfortunately, his first choice is in Bimini dodging an IRS audit, so he calls on Crag Banyon instead. That’s just the start of a string of increasingly lousy luck that hounds Banyon from one emerald end of his latest crummy job to the other, where it turns out that a trip over the rainbow isn’t the fun-and-booze-filled romp that all the brochures claim. Banyon finds that the whole leprechaun world is upside-down, while at the same time our own world is suffering through a mealtime catastrophe that’s threatening side dishes from here to Thanksgiving and beyond.

11: The Last Infection: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller)review copy) – Michael W. Garza: The Last Infection chronicles the fall of civilization and the rise of the dead and the evolution of the infected. The infection swept across the country like a tidal wave. Survivors cling to life as the infected own the night and the dead walk the streets. Chris has endured on his own and bumping into Jake and Alicen weren’t in his plans. The young brother and sister have plans of their own, but Chris has heard too many promises of sanctuary and infection free zones. Jenn’s arrival turns his attention to the one thing he never thought he would face again, hope. They make a pact to reach the kids safe haven, but only time will tell if anyone can survive the last infection.

12: Cold in July – Joe R. Lansdale: Richard Dane shoots and kills a gun-wielding burglar in his living room. It’s clearly a case of self-defense, but the dead man’s father doesn’t see it that way. He wants Old Testament-style justice: an eye-for-an-eye, a son-for-a-son. Straightforward menace takes a 90-degree turn, though, when certain unexpected truths come to light, and soon the men find themselves working together for a common cause. Their investigation puts them at odds with the cops, the Feds, and the Dixie Mafia, but they’re determined to find the answers that lie at the end of a very dark and twisting path.

Gabriel Hunt Back In Print


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81Is37ZUcPL._SL1500_Some of you will recall that in 2009, flush with the success of Hard Case Crime in the mystery genre, we launched another series, this time in the genre of high adventure – the sort of two-fisted, action-packed yarn popularized by authors like H. Rider Haggard and Edgar Rice Burroughs, pulp heroes like Doc Savage, and movie heroes like Indiana Jones. The first few books in the series did very nicely, with the debut title (James Reasoner’s HUNT AT THE WELL OF ETERNITY) even getting selected as one of the best books of the year by Publishers Weekly. But the line was a victim of terrible timing, as our publishing partner on the project, Dorchester Publishing, went into very public death throes in 2010. The result was that the fifth book in the series barely made it out to stores – and the sixth and final volume, HUNT THROUGH NAPOLEON’S WEB by acclaimed suspense novelist Raymond Benson, never shipped to stores at all!

Well. I’m very pleased to announce that five years later we’re bringing the Gabriel Hunt adventure novels back51J2lZ7D0cL – including the never-available-in-stores final volume, which will receive its first proper publication ever this August. (The first four Hunt titles are back in stores now, having been reissued one per month starting in April, and the very rare fifth volume hits stores on July 29.)

We’re very proud of these books, which are meant to be the prose equivalent of adventure movies, all adrenaline and velocity, thrills and peril and breathless escapes, a summer’s worth of perfect summer reads. If you’d didn’t read them the first time around and would like to sample one now (or all of them!), let me know. And if, having sampled them, you find your heart racing and your hand reaching for the nearest popcorn bucket, I hope you’ll take a moment to let your readers know about the books first. You can find them at your favorite local store or online bookseller, and fans of this sort of fiction will gobble them up.

Apocalypse Joe(Un Uomo Chiamato Apocalisse Joe)1970



As was the fashion back then, this film appeared under a variety of titles whenuomo_chiamato_apocalisse_joe_anthony_steffen_leopoldo_savona_001_jpg_yxie it was away from Italy, from A Man Called Joe Clifford to apocalypse Joe to A Man Called Apocalypse Joe in English language countries.

Joe Clifford(spaghetti vet Anthony Steffen) is an amateur actor who wants to go to London to play Shakespeare. He travels the west honing his skills, but seems to get into more trouble than anything. In one early scene, he’s doing Hamlet, skull in hand when harassed by several gunmen. He quickly disposes of them with a pistol in the skull. Locked up, his aunt comes to bail him out, though he’s reluctant to leave. She’s been after him for years to give up that nonsense and settle down.

This time is different. She’s been looking for him because another uncle had died and left him his gold mine.

71990He returns to his home town only to find another man claiming it. Berg(Eduardo Fajardo) says his unce lost it in a poker game, them in a drunken state after signing it over fell off a two hundred foot cliff. Joe, and the movie viewers, are immediately suspicious about said accidental death. He decides to stick around and look into it. It;s not long before a Mexican his uncle had been kind to tells Jor the truth. He’d witnessed Berg forced the uncle to sign the mine over to him, then had liquor poured on him, tossing him off the cliff.

Thus begins his campaign to regain what’s rightfully his.

Heavily outnumbered, about thirty to one, with a Sheriff either Berg’s buddy orApocalisseJoe_DatabasePage afraid of him, Joe uses his acting skills to great effect, posing as a priest, a woman with a baby carriage(loaded with explosives), and a bearded old man as he picks off the men sent after him, one by one. He plays a cat and mouse game as thet scour the town.

Joe has a bit of help though. An old man names Doc Klan(Fernando Cerulli), his daughter Mildred(Veronica Korosec), Rita(Mary Paz Pondal), the saloon owner and the former girl friend of one of Berg’s gunmen, Moe(Gilberto Galimberti), and her bartender Al(Silvano Spadaccino).

The final showdown in town is executed masterfully.

This was a good one with music by Bruno Nicolai, direction by Leopoldo Savona. Lots of gunplay and fist fighting.


FFB: So Young, So Wicked – Jonathan Craig



soyoung2It’s femme fatale week on Forgotten Books, Thus one qualifies I think.

Steve Garrity was a piano player. a good one at that.

He was also a hit man for the mob, a job he’d fell into with a little encouragement. He’d killed a man, beating him to death, for sleeping with his wife and the mob had proof. Kill someone for us and it will go away. He’d been doing it a few years now.

His latest assignment seems a rush job. It has to be fast, it has to look like an accident, and the victim to be is a barely fifteen year old girl named Leda Noland. Garrity is not given a reason and it’s implied that if he doesn’t get it done exactly, he will be next on the hit list. The mob is not very forgiving.

He finds himself in a small town, an aunt of the girl attracted to him, a jealous rich boy that wants the aunt, and a sexy fifteen year old that seems wise beyond her yars.

And of course nothing will go as planned. From 1957, it’s one of Craig’s best standalones.


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