I Want Him Dead(Lo Voglio Morto)1968



The first thing I noticed when I started watching I WANT HIM DEAD was that it8p9MXwYUuWsv0rhpYTDPWYv627w seemed far different from most in the spaghetti genre I’ve watched over the last few years. Everything about it was superior. Production values, costumes, the sets, the script. Far above the cheeziness found in the majority.

Don’t get me wrong. The cheese is part of the charm I’ve come to know and love.

This one was more on the level of the best of the genre: the Leones, the Carbuccis.

Craig Hill stars as Clayton, a man who wants to buy a ranch for his sister and himself. He’d been saving money for several years. One problem: it was Confederate currency. He becomes bent on revenge when he finds his sister Mercedes(Cristina Businari) raped and murdered, a tobacco pouch found lying by her side. A little investigation found it identified as belonging to a fellow named Jack Blood(José Manuel Martín). He and a friend had left just before Clayton arrived.

affiche-cinema-clayton-l-implacable-realise-en-1968-par-paolo-bianchini-963722067_MLNow he had his target.

But that was only a subplot to the main one. Jack Blood worked for a businessman, Mallek(Andrea Bosic) who’d invested heavily in arms and ammunition. The Civil War was winding down and he’d gotten wind of a meeting between two generals, one from the north and one from the south, meeting to discuss terms for an armistice before Grant and Lee met. Mallek stood to lose a great deal of money should the war end before he could sell off his stock, estimated at a million dollars in rifles, ammunition, and heavy weapons. With that in mind, he was offering Blood and his team $50,000 to kill the generals and make both sides think the other was responsible.

All Clayton had on his mind was Blood until he meets two women held for theLo_voglio_mortoX (1) gang’s pleasure. Aloma(Lea Massari) and Marisa(Licia Calderón) were the pair and Clayton begins to fall for Aloma.

Of cpurse along the way he gets several beatings, whipped, and lays waste to most of the gang. A fight over the $50,000 leaves money scattered along the trail, nortern dollars, and Clayton gets his four thousand.

A pretty good western. Carlos Sarabia wrote the script and it was directed by Paolo Bianchini.


FFB: Touchfeather – Jimmy Sangster



2565922Katy Touchfeather is an air hostess-sort of. No permanent airline, just whatever her current assignment had the need. She’s an agent for a British agency, her boss a gentleman known only as Mr. Blaser.

She’s part of a team assigned to bird dog a man named William Partman, a professor headed to India, ostensibly to read a couple of his papers, but suspected of selling his work to-maybe a foreign government. Part of a team, she’s told to get close to him. Others would watch him as well.

Young and attractive, and the professor big and handsome, it’s not hard for Katy. What is unanticipated is that Katy falls for Partman. In his three days at the conference, she’s relieved that he’s found to be innocent. No attempt to pass off anything, nothing in his room(she searched while he was out).

But flying home, the plane is hijacked, landed in Egypt, and Partman taken off. The last Katy sees of him is a smash in the face and blood flowing down as he’s hustled off.

A kidnapping and a bit of torture later, when they want to know what Partman told her in their bed sessions convinces her the Professor is dead. She escapes, killing one, and heads back to London.

It doesn’t end there. The information seems to have gotten out and the trail leads her across Europe and America as she tracks the one responsible.

Not a bad bit of action.

Three Men From Texas(1940)



downloadTHREE MEN FROM TEXAS was the thirty-first of sixty-six Hopalong Cassidy films. Actor William Boyd essayed the role into a career. Not bad for a man originally offered the role of Red Conners, a pal of Hoppy’s from the Clarence Mulford novels. The Hoppy mosy folks know is far different from the roots of the character. The movie Hoppy didn’t drink, swear, or ever start a fight.

But he became a cultural icon.

In this film, Hoppy is a Texas Ranger asked to go to California as a favor to help an old friend of the Captain’s that was a banker now in a small town overrun by lawlessness and a man named Morgan that was taking control of most of the land in the area.

Hoppy turns him down. His hitch as a Ranger was nearing it’s end and he wasTRÊS HOMENS DO TEXAS anxious to return to the Bar-20. But not so his friend Lucky Jenkins(Russell Hayden), a young man that idolized Hoppy and wanted to be like him. He wanted to go and meet some beautiful senoritas. Hoppy rides a ways with him, then peels off to go back.

That’s when he gets mistaken by an old man named California Carlson(Andy Clyde), a cook for an outlaw band looking for an outlaw riding in, Ben Stokes(Glen Strange, an actor known for his role as Kitty’s bartender on Gunsmoke). California is a man given to bragging about his accomplishments. a harmless old coot the perfect sidekick for westerns of this era.

imagesAmid a running gun battle, Hoppy and California escape from the gang, just returning from stealing a horse herd, then follow the gang to California and the very area Lucky had gone.

The three team up, aided by Mexicans reduced to lawless acts to live after being forced off their ranches for squatting. That one man had lived on his family ranch for forty years mattered not to the rich man Bruce Morgan(Morris Ankrum) and his thugs.

Rip roaring gun battles, a lynch mob over Hoppy’s protests, and even the beautiful senorita Lucky wanted to meet highlight the big finale.

Loked this one.


New In The House


!: Kingdom Come – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone: Standing for family, honor, and a way of life, the MacCallisters have carved out a hard-won corner of the Wyoming frontier. In the thrilling new novel from the bestselling Western writers, Duff MacCallister faces his most treacherous and deadly fight yet.

2: The Devil’s Posse – Charles G. West: Always dependable, brothers Logan and Billy Cross have worked the same cattle drive since they were teenagers. Now that they’re men, their boss is retiring, and they’re out of a job. He sends them to Fort Pierre in the Dakota Territory, recommending they join up with a horse drive to Sturgis. But the Crosses’ journey takes a dark turn when they enter a saloon to meet their prospective boss. After the younger brother, Billy, foolishly smiles at someone else’s woman, he draws the ire of Quincy Morgan and his gang of outlaws. Soon the brothers will learn a valuable lesson—one that will be paid for in blood….

3: See Also Murder: A Marjorie Trumaine Mystery(ARC) – Larry D. Sweazy: In1964, a grisly murder is committed in the small town of Dickinson, North Dakota. Erik and Lida Knudsen are found murdered in their bed, their throats slit. Two sons—Jaeger and Peter, ages 19 and 20—live in the same house, but claim to have heard nothing while asleep in their rooms. Sheriff Hilo Jenkins is called to the scene and discovers a strange copper amulet clasped in Erik’s hand. Knowing that his friend Marjorie Trumaine is a skilled researcher and professional indexer, Jenkins asks for her help in investigating the possible meaning of the amulet with its unusual markings.

and the ebooks:

4: Tales of Tinfoil: Stories of Paranoia and Conspiracy(review copy) – editor David Gatewood: It is a dark and fictional reimagining of every conspiracy theory that ever lived. It is the JFK assassination, Area 51, the moon landing, the surveillance state. It is a French spy posing as Abraham Lincoln, it is a video game designed by the CIA, it is “Suicide Mickey.” It is Adolf Hitler and it is Elvis Presley. Twelve short stories, twelve conspiracy theories, twelve twisted rabbit holes.

5: Off And Running(review copy) – Philip Reed: Struggling writer Jack Dillon’s personal and professional life is falling apart…until he gets a lucrative gig writing the biography of TV comedy icon Walt Stuckey, who mysteriously walked away from Hollywood at the height of his popularity…and left his millions of fans wondering why for decades. Now Walt’s going to answer the tantalizing question, assuring that his biography will become a massive bestseller and Jack’s salvation. But when Walt is finally ready to tell Jack his big secret, things go terribly, unpredictably wrong, pushing the desperate author into kidnapping…becoming a fugitive chased by the police, the FBI, the news media, a crazed assassin, and Walt’s talentless & psychopathic son…just to finish the book. It’s a brutally original, crazy ride through California, Death Valley and TV history as Jack tries to solve the mystery and craft a perfect finale that doesn’t end with him going to prison… or to his grave.

6: A Dubious Mission: The Aryan Tablet (Colton Banyon Mysteries Book 1)(review copy) – Gerald J. Kubicki: rewritten and expanded, the novel that introduced adventurer Colton Banyon to the world.

7: Frank Incensed (Frank Rozzani #3)(review copy) – Don Massenzio: he stakes are high as Private Detective Frank Rozzani races against time to save the love of his life. Will Frank rescue her from the terrible man in the trench coat or will this man end the life of yet another person that Frank is close to? Find out who survives in the new Frank Rozzani Detective Mystery

8: Hellbound(review copy) – Chester D. Campbell: When a busload of seniors from a suburban Nashville church head down the Natchez Trace on a carefree journey to The Big Easy, they are unaware that a Mafia hit squad is playing a deadly game of tag with them. All except one passenger. The man they know as Bryce Reynolds is really Pat Pagano, a successful Las Vegas stockbroker who was lured into handling investments for a New York crime family. After his two grown sons are killed in an attack by a rival gang and his wife succumbs to cancer, Pagano decimates the mob with his testimony in federal court. He disappears, then resurfaces in Nashville as Reynolds, a retired businessman from Oklahoma. But after years of searching, an old Mafia capo tracks Pagano to the church bus enroute to New Orleans.

Stop The Slayings(Perché Uccidi Ancora)1965



downloadI’m not sure about the title BLOOD AT SUNDOWN. There appears to be two films with that title and Anthony Steffen stars in both of them. Gianni Garko is co-starred in the other. I’m going with the alternate U.S. title for this one. It’s a film about two feuding families with the daughter of one loving the son of the other. Hmmm? That sounds familiar.

The McDougalls and the Lopezs are the two families. Andy McDougall(Armando Guarnieri, billed as Jack Warner) heads one and Lopez, no other name given(José Calvo, billed as Joseph Calvo) is the main man of the other. Some time in the past, years back, McDougall does something that puts Lopez in a wheelchair. He swore revenge.

Steffen is Steve McDougall who deserts the army when he learns his fatherdownload (2) Andy has been killed by the Lopez family. Tied to a tree and everyone who worked for Lopez puts one bullet into the helpless man. Seventeen including Lopez and his son Manuel.

Steve finds his sister Judy(Ida Galli, billed as Evelyn Stewart) and their uncle Sam(Franco Pesce, billed as Frank Campbell) at the family ranch.

We learn that Steve and Lopez’s daughter Pilar(Gemma Cuervo, billed as Jennifer Crowe) were once a thing. Both daddies hadn’t been happy about that.

Por qué seguir matando (1967) 4Killings back and forth, with a pair of brothers working for Lopez figuring in and double-crossing everybody.

This was a cheap jack production with a bunch of odd stuff. When Steve and Manuel had their gunfight in the street, stalking up to each other, the sound effects were obviously someone walking across a wooden floor instead of dirt. Bizarre. And Steve never fires a shot that he doesn’t hit somebody. In the climactic horseback chase, with Steve’s sister a prisoner, he’s firing from a galloping horse into the bunch, never a thought that he might hit her, but never missing.

About a C-.

download (1)images

See Also Murder – Larry D. Sweazy

22889910Author Larry D. Sweazy takes a break from westerns with this mystery, a Marjorie Trumaine tale. Marjorie carries on that tradition of the amateur detective. The setting here is 1964, North Dakota, and Marjorie works as a free lance book indexer and lives on a farm looking after her quadriplegic husband Hank, the result of an accident.

There’s a horrific murder on the farm next to theirs, Marjorie’s two best friends, Lida and Eric Knudsen, slain in most brutal fashion, the two teenage boys who helped her on the farm since her husband’s accident asleep upstairs and not hearing anything.

The sheriff asks for her help. An old amulet with odd markings had been found in the father’s hand and the sheriff wants her to use her research skills in hopes of finding a clue to who might do this..

Before it’s all over, several more murders occur, someone is following Marjorie and tries to knock her truck into a spin, probably killing her. Likely would have if she hadn’t run them off with the .22 rat gun she carried in the vehicle. The current publisher she works for is pressing her to complete the index for the book on headhunters. Marjorie just keeps plugging along trying to find the murderer and the reasons why.

Author Sweazy has a style easy to get pulled into, keeping things moving along as one never quite knows where he’s headed. A couple of twists along the way.

I have a sneaking suspicion Marjorie may appear again. I hope so. On sale date is May 5th.


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