A good friend called last night to let me know what was happening with his wife. She’s a diabetic, as I am. She had the two outside toes amputated from one foot. One toe was already gone.  All that’s left is the big toe and the middle one.  They probably will take those two as well as the foot structure is unstable. Possibly the whole foot. When admitted to the hospital, her sugar was so high it didn’t even register on the meter.  They allowed her to lay there for eighteen hours before a doctor saw her. She wanted her podiatrist called and they refused three times. Her husband assumed he’d been called. When a doctor saw her, he immediately called for a surgeon. It may have been to little to late. Possibly the toes might have been saved had the hospital acted sooner.  They don’t know.  I know how she feels. Infection took my left foot two years ago. Diabetes is not something to fool around with.  Take care of yourself before it’s to late.