I just finished Anthony Neil Smith’s new novel, Yellow Medicine. The main character is a lawman that bends the rules occasionally, quite severely,  without breaking them.   Sort of an antihero, he gets mixed up with terrorists, an overly ambitious Fed, and drug dealers. An old partner resurfaces. Billy was a lawman in New Orleans during Katrina. Already having family problems, his wife returns with the kids to Minnesota and files for divorce.

Billy moves to the same area to be near the children. His brother-in -law, the sheriff, hires him as a deputy and he soon falls back into his slightly bent ways. Terrorism is a whole different matter though. A suitably twisted novel, the ending is open to the reader’s interpretation. Recommended to anyone who likes a good crime novel. It will hook you in.

Smith draws from his own background for the settings. A native of Louisiana, he now lives and teaches in Minnesota.