Shoot Him IF He Runs is the latest adventure of Stone Barrington, Stuart Woods’ lawyer, ex-cop, character.  I enyoy reading Woods’ books, but they’ve descended into growing ordinariness. They’re fun to read, but are the literary equivalent of a MacDonald’s hamburger. A cheaper version of a restaurant quality sandwich. The problem, carrying the analogy farther, is that you’re paying the restaurant price for the burger.

This time Stone and Holly Barker, the heroine of Woods’ Orchid series, are on the trail of Teddy Fay, a rogue former CIA man that has appeared before, but always manages to avoid death and slip away, though you’re not always aware of that in  any one of the books he’s appeared.

Not much happens on the island of St. Marks except drinking, swimming nude, getting involved with characters from a previous book, sunbathing nude, assassinations, and such. It’s a quick read but don’t expect a lot out of it.