I just learned that George Carlin passed away yesterday. He was 71. It seems he entered the hospital in the aftenoon complaining of chest pains, dying later in the evening. He’d had two previous heart attacks.

He will be missed.

I’m old enough to remember how straight he looked when I first became aware of him. He was on a variety show, John Davidson I think, in the early sixties. This must have been shortly after he broke up with his partner, Jack Burns.

He wanted to do comedy that was different, a little more edgy than he’d been doing for ten years. Boy, did he succeed.

The long hair and beard appeared, the dark dress, and for me, anyway, he became the voice of a generation. He wasn’t satisfied with the status quo. His seven words you can’t say on the radio became legendary. Rightly so.

For me, my favorite line was  his, “This is your hippy-dippy weatherman with your hippy-dippy weather, man”

The day has started off miserably. It can only get better, I hope.

Good-bye, George.