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I just watched A Boy and His Dog again. One of my favorite films. It’s based on a novella by Harlan Ellison, probably the best filmed of his works. It was made back in the mid-seventies and I originally saw it in it’s first theater run.

Vic And Blood travel the wastelands of Phoenix after WW IV. Vic is seventeen and Blood is a genetically engineered dog that’s more intelligent than Vic. Not hard. The boy was born after the war and has had no formal education. Survival is hard enough.

The two speak telepathetically and Blood seems to have  a scanning ability that enables him to do, among other things, locate women for the perpetually horny young teenager. It works out well because Blood lost the ability to hunt  for sustenance with his intelligence.

In this strange world, Vic is enticed by a pretty young thing to follow her into the underground where the last remnants of civilization live. It’s a strange society, puritanical on some levels, ruthless on others.

It seems, living underground as they do, the males have all become sterile. Once each generation, after careful consideration, they find a clean subject and use him to impregnate the available young women.

Right up young Vic’s alley, right? Things don’t work out as he hopes.

Vic  was played by a very young Don Johnson(twenty-five and looking even younger). Actor L.Q. Jones, more known as a western star,  wrote the script and directed the film.

A Boy and His Dog is part of a larger story that Ellison plans. Several other parts  have appeared over the years. We’ll see it one day when Mr. Ellison decides it’s ready. I look forward to that day. He’s earned our patience with his wonderful stories  for forty+ years.