Every day I wonder how Fox News(I use that term loosely) can continue to call themselves a professional organization. News is supposed to be unbiased. None of them really are. I’ll admit that. But Fox is so obviously a tool of the Republican party that I can’t imagine how any sane person can believe most of the BS coming out of their mouths.

They seem on a campaign to make Obama a racist, a Muslim, and a terrorist supporter. Those last two are different. Trust me. Blaming Muslims for the acts of terrorists would be analogous to blaming all Christians for the inquisition.

It’s just nuts.

Some of Fox’s commentators sem highly unqualified for their job. Michelle Malkin is a good example. The whole Rachel Ray/Dunkin Donuts thing was so stuoid as to defy reason. Not to mention the baby mama BS with Mrs. Obama. Has even common courtesy gone out the door? The third thing with Malkin was the “terrorist” fist bump.

Come on. Is she making this stuff up? Of course she is. I had to do a double take and see if Malkin was the stereotypical dumb blonde. I could think of no other reason she would believe this crap.

That’s when I realized she was smarter than I gave her credit for being. She’s what the internet terms a troll, making statments designed to get an emotional response. Never mind whether they’re true or not.

Like I said earlier, Fox is nothing but a tool for the Republican party.

The GOP has screwed this country for nearly eight years. Just like true politicians, they will say and do anything to hold onto power. Come on, America, grease yourself up. The Republicans aren’t through yet.

I don’t know whether the Democrats can do any better. But we should give them the chance to try. As it is, our children and grandchildren’s future is clouded at best.

In case anyone wonders, I’ve been a registered Republican for forty years. I think I’m this administration’s worst nightmare: a Republican with a brain that he’s been known to use now and again.