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Let me star off by saying this is not about the movie. I have yet to see it. This is about the novelization and its author, James Rollins.

He’s one of the best thriller writers to come along in the last ten years. I first became aware of him years ago while working parttime at Waldenbooks. An ARC of his first novel, Subterranean, came to the store. Reading it, I was instantly captivated and have been a fan ever since.

Mr. Rollins also publishes fantasies under the name James Clemens. Seven to date.

But it is his nine thrillers that I like best. He just had the tenth, The Last Oracle,  published. That one I haven’t read yet, but I have no doubt it will be very good.

Now back to the Indiana Jones. I’ve seen other comments on the internet that it was boring. I dodn’t find it so. Rollins did a great job with what he had, no exactly a top script. He was bound by that in developing a novel. He’s said he was granted permission to extend some scenes and make up others. I couldn’t tell you what, as I mentioned earlier, Ihaven’t seen the movie.

It just seemed one long chase scene, individual ones piled on top of each other. One hair breadth escape after another. I know these four movies are supposed to be homages to the Saturday morning serials shown before the main feature during the thirties, forties, and so on.

That sort of thing works in fifteen or twenty minute chunks each week, but run together gets tiresome after awhile. We really needed a plot.

All that said, I personally liked the novelization. The next man might not. But as a long time fan of James Rollins, I thought he did a credible job. It will never rank with his own work. But he did more with it than anyone else I can think of might have done. When I first heard he was doing the novel, my thought was perfect choice.