The latest in the Brett Favre soap opera:

Will he file for reinstatement and report to the Packers camp to force their hand?

At one time, I was sympathetic to Favre. Despite the last three years where he played his little game of -Will I retire?-Will I come back?-dragging things out far longer than he should have. The Packers were patient to a much greater degree each season than what seemed reasonable.

Last season, he said he was done, retiring, physically still able to play but mentally spent. I understood all that. Thirty-eight for an athlete, particularly a quarterback, is getting old. It gets harder every year to get everything working at maximum at the same time.

He kept waffling this year, though, yes I will, no I won’t, yes I will. I think Favre underestimated the Packers continuing to put up with his BS. He seemed genuinely surprised that they wouldn’t welcome him back with open arms. They got tired and took him at his last change of heart back in March, deciding to move forward. Franchises in any professional sport have to plan years down the road. They can’t sit back and wait on the vagaries of an aging athlete.

Why does he want to come back again? On The John Boy and Billy syndicated radio show, they made reference that his wife and agent were pushing him. They laughed and John Boy said that maybe his wife just didn’t want him underfoot the year round. Could be.

Then there are the charges of collusion with the Vikings. I’m not sure what to make of all that. I can’t imagine that Favre and the Vikings’ staff would ever believe the Packers would just cut him loose to play for whoever he felt like.

I think Favre needs to retire. It’s time. He says let him worry about his reputation. There is validity in that.

However, I’m old enough to remember how pitiful Johnny Unitas looked as a Charger, a lame Joe Namath playing for the Rams, Willy Mays dropping catches, unable to hit like the old days, as a Met, Sugar Ray leonard in his last two fights more concerned about protecting himself than winning the bout(paydays surely because I can’t imagine him wanting THAT limelight), Muhammed Ali’s last fight against Larry Holmes(most people agree this was the fight that caused the damages that haunt him today).

I’d like to remember Favre the way he finished last season, at the top of his game. Can he do it again? Remember, the previous two seasons, Favre looked like a man playing out his string, hanging on for that next paycheck, more interceptions than touchdown passes.

Can he repeat last season? Or will we see a replay of those two before? Odds are, with a new team, I’d suspect we’ll see the bad Favre.

But that’s just one fan’s opinion. I’m by no means an expert. On ESPN, everyone seems to agree that any team would be better off with him than without. Maybe. It seems the Favre sweepstakes has narrowed to the Jets and the Bucs. But remember one thing about any sweepstakes. You lose far more often than you win.