I just finished the latest Willam W. Johnstone thriller, Jackknife It’s a good, quick read.

The time is a few years into the next Prresident’s administration. She’s a strong-willed liberal with a young handsome black man as her vice-President. Obviously written about a year ago, in all fairness, the choice the author made seemed the logical one at the time.

A terrorist group is planning a 9-11 type strike for the day after Thanksgiving, one of the biggest shopping days of the year. It’s the grand opening of an Ultra-Megamart in Fort Worth, Texas.  The sleeper cell sets off several car bombs around town just to get the world’s attention, then have an even bigger explosion planned.

Word comes out of Pakistan about the plan by a wounded undercover agent, but they’re a bit late.

What the terrorists don’t know is that a Megamart truck driver named Jack McCabe is also loose in the store to meet his wife and daughter. Jackknife is his nickname AND call sign. A former specialforces officer, he’d battled terrorists before. He takes the job of organizing some of the Texans into a force to stop the terrible plan. Not everyone in America is a bleating sheep.

Will he succeed? Read the book and find out. Well worth the price.