Just want to make a quick note here.

They keep changing the time for my sister, Gloria Jean Craven’s, speech at the Democratic Convention tonight. First it was between 10 and 10:30. Then she called earlier today and said it had been changed to 6:45. Then she called back thirty minutes later and said it was now 8:30. These are all East Coast times.

She’s become a bit disallusioned since she’s been out there. When they looked at the remarks she’d prepared, she was told she’d never get on the air with that. Then she was handed a speech filled with. let’s be honest here, a load of crap. Such platitudes as living in an area with a church every couple of miles, every home with a picture of Franklin Delano Roosevelt hanging on the wall. I can’t speak for every home in my town, but in the many I have been inside, I have NEVER seen Roosevelt hanging on the wall.

I’m beginning to wonder if all they really wanted was an older white woman pumping up Obama.


My sister just gave her speech(8:50 p.m.. eastern) and, surprise, she got to give the speech she wanted.