When I ordered this movie with Netflix, I expected I’d be disappointed. I mean, Humphrey Bogart had already made the definitive version of the Raymond Chandler novel. How can you remake perfection?

Disappointed can hardly describe my feelings after viewing the remake. Why do actors involve themselves in such projects. Especially an actor of Mitchum’s stature.

What did I find wrong with it? Mitchum’s age for one thing. Way to old for the role. In reading the novels, I’d always viewed Marlowe as late thirties, about where Chandler had placed him.

And the setting. Philip Marlowe belongs in L.A. in a forties setting. London! What were they thinking? I know it was Lew Grade’s company making the film, but WTF? It just looked completely wrong from start to finish. The only worse thing they could have done was make Marlowe British. That’s too terrible to comprehend.

I’m no expert that can break a film down and explain where they went wrong. I’m just a fan talking about what I like and don’t like.

Netflix doesn’t seem to have Mitchum’s other Marlowe film, Farewell, My lovely, available. Just as well. I’ve heard it was better than The Big Sleep, but then the bar is not set very high.

Next up for me is Dick Powell’s Murder, My Sweet, based on the aformentioned Chandler novel. I’ll let you know what I think.