Th: 101: Breaking Cover- J. D. Rhoades

SF: 102: Exceptions To Reality- Alan Dean Foster

Ad: 103: The New Destroyer: Killer Ratings- Warren Murphy & Jim Delaney

Fa: 104: Owls Hoot In The Daytime and Other Omens-Manly Wade Wellman

Fa: 105: Who Fears The Devil?- Manly Wade Wellman

PH:106: The Shadow: Crime, Insured- Walter Gibson

PH:107: The Shadow: The Golden Vulture- Lester Dent & Walter Gibson

SF: 108: The Accidental Time Machine- Joe Haldeman

We: 109: Matt Jensen, The Last Mountain Man: Purgatory- William W, Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone

SF:  110: Zoe’s Tale- John Scalzi

SF:  111: Daybreak-2250 A.D.(Star Man’s Son)- Andre Norton

We: 112: Sidewinders- William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone

Ad: 113: Tales of Zorro-edited by Richard Dean Starr