For a few years now, Subterranean Press has been publishing a wide range of titles in horror, science fiction, and fantasy. Small print runs with various deluxe editions, lovingly done, beautiful books. I’ve bought a few and they are all unique books worth the price asked, depending on which edition one is interested.

BACKUP is a twelve thousand word novelette set in Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files universe, just released early this month. The dust jacket and interior illustrations are by Mike Mignola, he of Hellboy fame.

In this one, though, center stage is taken by Harry’s half-brother, Thomas Raith, a vampire. He takes it upon himself to help Harry out of a set-up situation that his brother doesn’t evem realize is happening. Honor would force him to do exactly what the demon involved wants him to do, which ultimately wouldn’t do Harry or the human race any good.

So Thomas has to sneak around behind the scenes to prevent the whole mess.

A nice little change of pace from the regular story line. Well recommended.