My teams had a decent week. The Redskins beat the Browns 14-11. Not a great win, but a win. The Giants smacked around the 49ers 29-17. The Cowboys got slaughtered by the Rams 34-14(couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch) and the Eagles had a bye.

The Panthers looked good this week, 30-7 over the Saints, after playing miserably last week. The Bucs beat the Seahawks 20-10, staying even with my Panthers. The Falcons fell back half a game with a bye.

The Jets played terribly, losing in overtime to the Raiders 16-13 after getting a second life because of one of the stupidest moves a Coach can make. It’s popular to try to freeze the field goal kicker by calling time at the last second, letting the kicker get off a meaningless kick. The idiot Raider coach did that on a fifty-two yard attempt, which bounced off the goal posts. No good. Except it didn’t count. Second kick was good, sending the game into overtime. It would have been poetic justice for thre Raiders to lose. Alas, they got lucky.

It’s a stupid thing to do. Over the last couple of years, a couple of games have been lost that way. There was one New England should have lost last year against the Ravens. On a fourth down late in the game, trailing, the Patriots went for it and were stopped. Game over! But wait! An idiot coach came running to call time at the last second. On the replay, the Patriots made the first, going on to score and win the game, preserving their perfect season far longer than they should.

The Titans remained undefeated. The hapless Bengals stayed winless. Hey, the Lions didn’t lose this week. Wait a minute. They had a bye.

Update: The lions did play, losing to the Texans(I’m embarrassed). Thanks to Bill Crider for the correction.