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My teams did better this week. All three managed a win.

The Redskins beat Detroit 25-17(not a great game, but we’ll take it). The rest of the NFC East all won as well. Eagles 27-14 over the Falcons. Cowboys 13-9 against the Bucs.  The Giants defeated the Steelers 21-14. As it stands now, the Giants lead the division with the Redskins half a game back, the Cowboys one and a half back, and the Eagles last. Washington and Dallas have yet to get their bye week in.

The Panthers won over the Cardinals 27-23. As noted in the previous paragraph, the Bucs and the Falcons both lost to NFC East teams(thanks), while the Saints beat the Chargers 37-32 over in England. That leaves the Panthers a game up over Tampa Bay and a game and a half over the Falcons.

The Jets topped the Chiefs 28-24. Both Miami and New England won, the Dolphins beating former division leader Buffalo, now tied for first with New England.

The Bengals remain the worst team in the league at 0-8, the worst solely because they haven’t had the bye week yet. The Lions are close behind at 0-7. I feel bad for the fans of both teams. They both deserve much better. Having followed the Jets, and been disappointed by them for forty years, I undeerstand their frustration. I think Patti Abbott has it right on her blog. If the owners aren’t interested in doing what it takes to put a winner on the field, they should find owners who will. They’ve made money off fans’ loyalty for many years. It’s time they rewarded that loyalty before it’s too late.

The last undefeated team, the Titans, play tonight. Luck to them.

I don’t think I screwed up this week. If I have, I’ll get a well deserved smack in the head from certain quarters(don’t hit me to hard).