Longarm and The Hell Riders – Tabor Evans

The Trailsman: California Carnage – Jon Sharpe

Longarm and The Valley Of Skulls – Tabor Evans

The Trailsman: Seminole Showdown – Jon Sharpe

I remember back years ago when the adult westerns first started. I sampled a few of them(I don’t remember titles or series) and wasn’t impressed. I recall thinking at the time, “If i wanted an adult novel, I’d read one and if I wanted a western, I’d read one of those.” They should not be mixed. I never messed with any of them after that.

Which brings me up to today. I’ve read the four titles above and enjoyed them in the last year or so. The primary reason was I’ve become a fan of the author’s work in the last few years. Now either i’ve mellowed since my youth or the writing is better because these seem to have less adult and more western than those earlier efforts by different writers.

Maybe it’s me. As I’ve aged, I’ve become less enamored of adult literature. Perhaps we all go through that(I’m speaking of males here as adolesence sometimes seems protracted  in us).

I probably will continue to read some of these as they appear. They are well written, nice plots, good characters. I doubt, though, looking for past efforts. You know, too many books, not enough time. Like most of us who read, I could stop buying books and, likely, not run out of unread volumes for the rest of my life. Why buy more books then?

That passion for books! There’s always something new that looks interesting.

Holding a book in one’s hands, it can’t be equaled. I don’t think I’ll ever warm up to these e-book readers. Just not the same as holding a book, the smell of the ink and paper as you turn the pages. I’ve read a few online novels. It was okay, but not enough to make me invest in a reader.

Two factors have already robbed me of one pleasure. Stalking the aisles of a bookstore looking for that surprise find. I used to be incapable of walking past a bookstore without  stopping in. I could be broke and still want to walk those aisles looking around.

My little town no longer has a bookstore and my disability makes a forty mile drive to the nearest store a bit unfeasible. These days, it’s the internet and Amazon or some of the used book sites for me.

Sorry about the rant.