When I first ran across this on Amazon, I had a moment of excitement. A long time Holmes fan, I loved the idea of a magazine named after him. I have several variations of the Doyle Books, as well as innumerable pastiches.

Wildside Press is the publisher and there was an ad for subscriptions inside. When I went online to subscribe to the quarterly, I could find nothing about it in the magazine section. A query to Wildside revealed they’d backed up on the magazine idea, instead opting for a series of books.

I can live with that.

It’s laid out like a magazine, but the cover is paperback stock.

An editorial by Dr, Watson and Marvin Kaye, an advice column by no less than Mrs, Hudson, landlady to our two heroes, an interview with Ron Goulart, and an article comparing eight filmed versions of The Hound of The Baskervilles and why none of them are satisfactory, as well as why the book may be unfilmable comprise the regular departments of the “magazine.”

Then there’s the fiction.

Two Holmes stories(a pastiche bt Carole Bugge, THE STRANGE CASE OF THE HAUNTED FREIGHTER, and a classic from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, THE “GLORIA SCOTT”), a Harry Challenge story from Goulart, not to mention a Simon Ark from Edward. D. Hoch, and three other short pieces make up the rest of the book. I immediately subscribed to issues 2-4. There’s no mention whether they intend to carry it further. I suppose that will be decided if sales warrant it.