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Two thirds of my teams did well this week.

The Redskins won over the Seahawks 20-17, while the Giants and Cowboys won as well. What’s going on with the Eagles? They lost and changed quarterbacks at halftime while only down 10-7, putting in a young guy that hadn’t been working with the starters at all. That makes no sense.

That leaves the Giants secure in first at 10-1, with the Redskins and Cowboys tied at 7-4, the Eagles last at 5-5-1. With a three game lead and only five to go, playing as well as they are continuing to do, the division title looks secure for New York.

The Jets held on to first place by putting away the previously undefeated Titans 34-13. New England beat Miami in a shootout 48-28 to stay a game back and Buffalo won over the Chiefs, 54-31, to leave them tied with the Dolphins for third.

Now we come to the disappointment for the day.

My Panthers lost to the Falcons, 45-28, and are now tied for first with Tampa Bay, who beat the Lions 38-20, who put up a mild fight early before fading. Atlanta is a game back. New Orleans, at 5-5, plays tonight.

I feel for the fans in Detroit. Listening to the talking heads discuss it, they seem to feel the odds are good that the Lions will finish the season 0-16. A shame! I know the fans have supported the team for years. It would be nice if ownership had more of an interest in a winning team and less in the bottom dollar.

A winning team can be done. Look at the Atlanta Falcons. Last place in 2007, a miserable team, and now they are 7-4, only a game out of first.