A Study In Scarlet(1933)

Murder At The Baskervilles(1937) a curious fact: the actor playing Watson was named Ian Fleming(played Watson in four films)

Sherlock Holmes and The Secret Weapon(1942)

Sherlock Holmes: The Woman In Green(1945)

Sherlock Holmes: Dressed To Kill(1946)

Sherlock Holmes: Terror By Night(1946)

The Fighting Kentuckian(1949) Oliver Hardy stars as John Wayne’s sidekick

Ring of Fear(1954) Mickey Spillane investigates a series of “accidents” at Clyde Beatty’s Circus

It Came From Beneath The Sea(1955)

Die, Monster, Die!(1965) Boris Karloff

The War Wagon(1967)


Yeti(2008) the cheese factor was high on this Sci-Fi “spectacular”

100 Million B.C.(2008)

Turner Classic Movies ran a couple of movies that I recorded for later viewing. The word classic in the channel name faked me out. MONSTER A-GO GO the less said the better. I never made it through the credits before I stopped it and erased. The second, THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION, lasted a bit longer. One of the actors, Alan Hale, the “Skipper”, played the sheriff. The very first lines of dialogue, when a young man stopped by the sheriff’s office,  went, “Hello, Sheriff.”, followed by “Hey, little buddy!” Everything was downhill after that.