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Not a good week. Only one of my three teams won and the only one that didn’t make a difference as regarding the playoff situation.

The Redskins won, but it was only for pride. They weren’t “mathematically” eliminated when the weekend started, which only means so much would have to happen for them to make the playoffs that it really wasn’t reasonable. I think by the end of the day they were gone.

The Jets stink! They were in a three way tie for first and only had to win their last two to make the playoffs. Then lose to the Seattle Seahawks while the Dolphins and Patriots were winning.

And they shouldn’t have even been in this position. They beat Tennessee and New England, then go out and lose  games  to Oakland and Seattle, teams with a combined record of 8-22.

For them to make the playoffs, they have to beat Miami and hope New England loses, which would put them with the tiebreaker win.

They do this every year it seems. Forty years ago they won Super Bowl III and haven’t done much since. Oh, they will tease you every now and again, they collapse at the wrong time.

The big game was Sunday night, with the Panthers playing the Giants in New Jersey for home field advantage in the playoffs.

It was a great game though the Panthers ended up losing. Starting fast, they run up a 21-10 lead in the first half. The two teams ended up in a 28-28 tie, going into overtime. The Panthers had their chance to win in regulation, just missing a fifty yard field goal attempt, a cross wind blowing it just off course.

The Panthers simply couldn’t stop the Giants’ running game. It was obvious in the overtime they were just wore out. 301 yards rushing, 215 for Ward.

It was a huge loss. A win guaranteed home field advantage. Now the Panthers have to win on the road in New Orleans next week to win the division. A loss and a Falcoms win would make the Panthers the wild card, with no home games.

Oh, and the Lions stay winless. 0-15. I really hope they win next week and avoid the infamy.