I guess I’m still an unabashed metalhead. I’ve been listening to rock and roll since I was about twelve and still haven’t grown out of it. I’m not sure if it’s a case of arrested development or not. I don’t care.

Years ago, a young man I knew asked me my age. he did so because I was wearing a Black Sabbath tee shirt. When I told him I was thirty-three, he seemed shocked. “My dad is only three years older than you and he only listens to country music.” If that’s what he likes, fine. I like all types of music(try Mozart for example).

I started early with Metallica. I have Kill ‘Em All and Ride The Lightning on vinyl.

I have a funny story about seeing them live. I had a niece that wanted to see them. In high school, she’d been the “safe” music listener. Whatever was popular with the other kids, it was OK to listen. After high school, she became a little more adventuresome in her tastes. Tom Petty. Nine Inch Nails. And Metallica!

She asked me to if I’d take her when her fiance refused to go listen to that “devil” music. I agreed and it was a revelation for her. As a kid, she’d seen New Kids on The Block and Neil Diamond with her mother.

This was her first “real” rock music concert. She enjoyed the show, but had never seen or heard the kind of antics that went on at a metal show(specifically the profanity and the mosh pit). No, we didn’t hit the mosh pit. My old bones couldn’t have stood that. LOL!

Here’s a couple of my favorites by Metallica:


I was not the oldest one at the show though. I saw several that had me by a good ten or more years.