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Maybe it’s just me, but  in 2008 it seemed we lost a large number of authors, more so than normal. Many of them I was unfamiliar with or hadn’t read, but there were a few that I read frequently and will miss, just as those I didn’t know will be mourned by their fans.

Robert Asprin passed away on May 22, about a month shy of his 62nd birthday, ironically while reading a Terry Pratchett novel. The both of them did humor in fantasy and science fiction oh so well.

I met Mr. Asprin years ago at a convention in Greensboro(Stellar-Con). It must have been around 1980 as he was their promoting a novel written with George Takei(Mirror Friend, Mirror Foe), who I also met. It was after the first Star Trek film and before the second.

Well known for his humor, he had several series filled with puns. In addition to the Myth books, he had the science fiction equivalent with the Phule series.

Myth-Fortunes is one in his humorous fantasy series, the last one he and co-writer Jody Lynn Nye had finished. In an afterword, she says the series is in her hands now and to have faith.

As in all the Myth books, this is filled with all those touches he was known for, varied and wide interests, pop culture references with that unique Myth twist abound. I’m sure anyone else reading this book would pick up on ones I missed.

Skeeve The Magnificent, magician extraordinare(snicker) was from the dimension of Klah, the residents being referred to as Klahds, and Aahz, the dimensional green skinned resident of  Perv, who referred to themselves as Perv-ects, though most everyone else keeps calling them perverts.They are able to move through the demensions by their magical powers, thus the basis for the word “demon” to the unintiated.

Aahz had lost his powers because of a hundred year long spell put on him and became Skeeve’s magical teacher, Skeeve being inept at his first  chosen profession: thief. The two formed M.Y.T.H., Inc to make money. Lots of money.

AAhz gets the whole team involved in a pyramid scheme when he takes a job from a being named Samwise(whose mother read the classics), an Imp who was building a Pyramid in the dimension of Zyx. Tombs set in stones were sold to customers, inscribed with whatever deeds they wanted. The higher the level, the higher the price, up to the most expensive one on the point.

Samwise’s company seems to be having an inordinant amount of accidents, which cuts into the profits.

Aahz gets caught up in the whole thing, wanting that top stone to “immortalize” himself. As Perv-ects are notoriously tight with a gold coin, the only way he can reduce his cost is to bring in more buyers for the lower stones(hence the resemblance to pyramid schemes in our own dimension).

I liked this book as I have all before. Jody Lynn Nye has written enough with Mr. Asprin that she should have a handle on things. I look forward to many more.