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We swear in a new President today. I’m tempted to say a lot of things, most of them trite, hackneyed. Most have already been said over all the news outlets since the election. This is something new for this country and a long time coming.

I think I was naive when I was eighteen(fifty-nine now). I used to see all the racist crap back then and I was sure by the time I reached my current age that stuff would be way in the past. We’re starting to get there, slowly, in fits and starts. One of the conservative pundits, Michelle Malkin, recently made the statement on the Obama inauguration, “Pomp and circumstances have been replaced with pimp and self-aggrandizement-all topped with a heapful of double standards.”

If that is not a racist statement…..

Obama has been working hard to get people to realize we all have to pull together to get out of this mess the country, no the world, has tumbled into. Statements like that just continue to inflame the left. George Bush’s administration left American in bad shape. Whatever goodwill we had after 9-11 has been wasted in the years since. I liked Jay Leno’s joke last night, “Tomorrow, we will hear those four words we’ve been waiting for – former President George Bush!”

But there I go doing the same thing. We need to forget the past and try to come together. There is a lot of work ahead. It will take years to pull even, let alone progress from there.

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My sister, Gloria Jean Craven’s, fifteen minutes keep getting extended. One of the area television stations came out last week for an interview for a news spot. Several newspapers, one of them USA Today, have called. It seems everyone thinks she got an invitation to the inauguration.

She just laughs, saying she never believed she would get one. She wouldn’t have went anyway. The trip would have been on her dime this time and finding a place to stay would not have been a problem(we have an Uncle that lives in the area), she just didn’t want to fight the crowds and the security surrounding the ceremony. It’s her grandson, Zane Hazzard, who’s most excited about the whole business. He even wrote his “buddy” a letter asking for an invitation.

I’m looking forward to the inauguration today. I hope it will be the beginning of a new era in American standing in the world, as much of our reputation, even among our friends and allies, has been seriously tarnished in the last eight years.

Update: It’s done. It was a great speech. The hope is there and now it’s time to get down to work.