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Charles Gramlich introduced this series of books on Patti Abbott’s Forgotten Fridays project a few weeks back. They were, as the old saying goes, right up my alley. There were seventeen of them in all and I ran into a good deal for twelve that I couldn’t resist($13 total, including shipping and handling).

They are credited to Gregory Kern, a pseudonym of E. C. Tubb, long time author of the Dumarest of Terra series.
Cap Kennedy is a member of FATE, a Free Acting Terran Envoy, a highly trained man who takes difficult assignments, usually undercover, cleaning up messes on various planets and areas. In the first book, spaceships are disappearing in one section of space. Book two finds beings being turned into slaves to work in an unknown mine to find valuable gems. The third tale finds a planet slowly succumbing to a cult bolstered by a planetary head moving toward a dictatorship.
It’s Cap’s job to discover what’s going on and he has a team that works with him, a heavy gravity planet engineer, an intelligent professor-type, and an alien that is chameleon-like, able to adapt to surroundings and be almost invisible.

The books are short(I’m able to read one in a few hours) and action packed, a nice way to relax the brain for a bit. I remember in an interview years ago, Isaac Asimov was asked what he thought of Star Wars(this was back when it was JUST Star Wars and not episode IV: A New Hope). He replied it was “nice to just park your brain for awhile and enjoy yourself.”
I feel the same way about the Cap Kennedy series. They are a fun read, a nice way to relax once in a while after reading a more weighty tome. I’ve read the first three. That’s enough for now.