SF: 30: Cap Kennedy: Slave Ship From Sern – Gregory Kern(E. C. Tubb)

AD: 31: Fargo: Bandolero – John Benteen(Ben Haas)

AD: 32: Fargo: Sierra Silver – John W. Hardin

SF: 33: The Star Kings – Edmond Hamilton

AD: 34: Fargo: Dynamite Fever – John W. Hardin

SF: 35: Cap Kennedy: Monster of Metalaze – Gregory Kern(E. C. Tubb)

CR: 36: CSI: Headhunter – Greg Cox

SF: 37: The Empress of Mars – Kage Baker

WE: 38: Tales From Deadwood: The Troopers – Mike Jameson

MY: 39: The Gift Horse – Frank Gruber

HR: 40: Graveslinger – Shannon Eric Denton and Jeff Mariotte artwork by John Cboins and Nima Sorat

MY: 41: I Know A Trick Worth Two of That – Samuel Holt(Donald E. Westlake)

MY: 42: The French Key Mystery – Frank Gruber

CR: 43: House Dick – E. Howard Hunt

AD: 44: Fargo: Gringo Guns – John Benteen(Ben Haas)

AD: 45: Dr. Syn, Alias The Scarecrow – Vic Crume screenplay by Robert Westerby and based on the book Christopher Syn by Russell Thorndike and William Buchanan

AD: 46: Fargo: The Border Jumpers – John Benteen(Ben Haas)

MY: 47: Drury Lane’s Last Case – Barnaby Ross(Ellery Queen)