images (3)Cuchillo Sanchez, the expert knife thrower, is back in this sequel to THE BIG GUNDOWN. Sergio Sollima again directs with music credited to Bruno Nicolai(director Sollima says in the DVD extras that it was actually Ennio Morricone’s work. Nicolai, his conductor, was given credit as Morricone was under contract to another studio).

Thief Cuchillo gets arrested and jailed with a cell mate, a poet named Ramirez, that is being pardoned and released the next day. However Ramirez offers him a hundred dollars to break him out that night and take him to Texas.

In a small Mexican town, Ramirez is killed defending a woman from a gang of bandits and, in the fighting, extracts a promise from Cuchillo with his dying breath, to take a newspaper to Burton City in Texas. Somehow, the newspaper holds the secret to3348091_det the location of $3,000,000 in gold hidden by Ramirez for Benito Juarez. He’d been arested before he could tell anyone the hiding place.

Now Cuchillo is on the run with the bandits after him, not to mention his extremely angry fiance, an ex-sheriff turned bounty hunter, two French assassins, the Mexican government, and revolutionary General Santillana(a small role by John Ireland). All want the gold. Along the way, he hooks up with a beautiful blond Salvation Army sergeant, who also becomes interested in the gold when she becomes aware of it.

images (2)I liked this film, though it would have been better with Lee Van Cleef from the first film as well. It has small touches of humor sprinkled throughout. According to the notes on the packaging, this DVD is the fully restored, uncut and uncensored, version released for the first time in America. Well worth checking out.

Here’s the Italian trailer. It’s all I could find.