These four are recent viewings of varying quality. By the last one, Van Cleef seemed played out in western roles.

Lee Van Cleef and John Philip Law
Bill Meceita is the only surviving member of his family. His father was shot down, his mother and older sister raped and murdered by four men, the house set on fire. As they ride off, a mysterious fifth man pulls Bill from the fire. He is only six.
Grown now, he’s trained himself to be proficient in all sorts of firearms. Ryan(Van Cleef) is released from prison after fifteen years. Both men are looking for the same bunch. Bill imprinted things about them as a child. Four aces tattoo on a chest, a scar down across the left eye, a fancy hoop earring on one, a skull necklace, a lost spur.
The two men continually cross paths in pursuit. Bill knows why he’s after them. Why is Ryan?
Pretty good western.


He’s an Indian, an army officer, investigating the murder of an Indian agent, who’s dying words were “April Morning.” Everybody wants to know what they mean. Stuart Whitman plays a rich landowner/gun dealer and Carroll Baker a blond temptress.

Think singing cowboy(two songs actually sung by Van Cleef), tripping on a concoction by a witch woman, bodies piling up every time he gets close to the meaning of April Morning.


He’s an ex-Marshal caught between two feuding families. One is accused of killing the Patriarch of the Saxon family over the death of his own father. Van Cleef knows it’s a frame-up and the identity of the actual murderer.

GOD’S GUN(1975)

Lee Van Cleef in a dual role as twin brothers, John, a priest, and Lewis, a retired gunfighter. When Jack Palance’s gang takes over the town and murders Father John, Lewis comes from Mexico to avenge his brother, posing as his brother’s ghost with the aid of Leif Garrett.
So much wrong with this movie. Jack Palance overacts, really hamming it up. Richard Boone is wasted in a small role as Sheriff with someone else’s voice dubbed in place of his. A very young Leif Garrett, way before his teen idol days, plays Johnny, son of Palance and Sybil Danning.
Not very good.