I finished this book early this morning and am now ready for the next five.
Adventurer Gabriel Hunt is introduced in this first volume of a scheduled six(I predict there will be more; better be) written by author James Reasoner. He is the perfect writer to bring this character to the public first. His prose is always smooth, easily readable, and never workman-like. I’ve only read a fraction of his more than 225+ novels, but I have yet to read one that would be ranked as even so-so. Prolific as he is, each book is so much fun that I just don’t know how the man does it.

He’s just good!

HUNT AT THE WELL OF ETERNITY starts off with a bang at an elaborate opening of an Egyptian exhibit at the Great Hall of The Metropolitan Museum of Art when a beautiful young woman tries to hand a bundle to Michael Hunt, Gabriel’s brother and director of the Hunt Foundation.

A firefight suddenly breaks out with disguised waiters, bullets flying. When it’s all over, the woman has been kidnapped and the package broken. It appeared to be an old liquor bottle filled with water wrapped in an old Civil War regimental flag.

The trail leads Hunt from New York to the swamps of northern Florida to Mexico City to Guatemala, all in pursuit of the mystery woman and some exotic secret. All along the way, attempts are made on Hunt’s life as he gets closer. There are hairbreadth escapes, gun battles, car chases, and throw in a hidden valley of Mayan ruins. You suddenly have an adventure worthy of those old Saturday movie serials of the forties.

That’s what it was designed to represent and if anyone reading this likes that sort of thing, get thee to the store fast. This one will probably sell well. Anticipation has been building ever since the series was announced and eagerly awaited by everyone.

And finally, I caught the reference to another intrepid adventurer during the bullwhip fight sequence.