Forty years ago today, man, an American, first stepped on the Moon. I wanted to post a few thoughts on that historic event.
I remember it well as it happened. A few friends and I discussed it as reports came in and I was surprised that more than a few of them thought it was silly. Myself, along with one or two others, would have given anything to be with them as they touched down. I still remember the chill I felt with those words, “The Eagle has landed!”

Here was the realization, somewhat, of all those SF stories I read at the time(I hadn’t yet broadened my horizons to encompass so many great books out there). I just couldn’t believe that some “would never set foot off the Earth!” I have one friend that is one of those who still maintain it was all faked.

We only went to the Moon a few more times before we abandoned it because of a few thinkers who thought it all a waste of time when so much more could be done here on Earth with the money spent(think Walter Mondale for one). Every year, NASA’s budget gets cut even more.

People just don’t realize the products that are taken for granted these days that were developed as a result of the space program. Dialysis machines, wwater purification systems, fire resistant fabrics, freeze dried foods, GPS systems that are in most new cars, and on and on. I think digital watches are in this group.

If we had continued, we’d likely have a base on the Moon now and be preparing for further exploration of our Solar System.(sigh) I cab see now I’m never going to make it into space, which seemed a real possibility back in 1969.