This book was a recommendation of Paul Bishop(Bish’s Beat) on June 19th. As I was already a Frank Gruber fan from his Johnny Fletcher novels, I decided to give it a whirl.
It’s a fascinating chronicle of one man’s journey toward his goal of being a writer. The many stories he wrote that went nowhere, didn’t sell, he didn’t give up. He wanted to break into the pulp magazine market with dozens of magazines during that time.

He finally starts to sell and gets quite big. Then he moves into the book market with several false starts before beginning to do well. Same thing with Hollywood.

It’s a portrait of a man who’s dream never faded. He wouldn’t let it.

The book is filled with wonderful anecdotes of the writers he knew during those years. Raymond Chandler, Erle Stanley Gardner, Lester Dent, Walter Gibson, and a host of others that I’m not familiar with(I’m by no means as up on the pulp era as I’d like). And the editors: John Nanovic, Leo Margulies.

The style is nice and breezy, simple, I devoured it in one sitting.