I ran into a deal on this one. The Devil’s Paymaster is one of those facsimile editions by Wildside Press of the May, 1941 issue of The Spider magazine. It looks brand new(this edition was 2005), but the price was $2.00 + $3.99 S&H. Original cover price: $19.95.
The Spider
The villain in this one had stolen a device designed for “radium” treatments of the ill and turned it into a weapon, a ray that would heat metals, specifically gold and silver, causing horrific burns and death.

The Spider races around trying to save lives as he unravels the plot, constantly being thwarted by a blond-haired young beauty that had caught Jackson’s eye(you know us men).

The final climactic battle takes place inside the Statue of Liberty as the ray has been planted in the torch to bathe New York City.

This reproduction had everything the original magazine carried, down to the ads, a personals section, and a letters column. A typewriter could be had for sixty cents a week, you could be a radio technician and earn $30, $40, or even $50 a week. There was a Charles Atlas ad as well. In the personals, women could be a local demonstrator for Fashion Frocks, earning up to $23 weekly, own dresses free.

You could enlist in the Spider League for Crime Prevention for $.25 and receive a genuine Spider ring.

And the ads for sister magazines had such wonderful pulpy titles as The Corpse Sings A Torch Song(a Fire Marshall novel), Fangs of The Winged Cobra(A G-8 tale), The Tunnel Death Built(from Ace G-Man Stories), and Those Who Die Laughing(Strange Detective Stories). Not to mention the next issue Spider novel, The Benevolent Order Of Death!

There is even a short story, The Man Who Dialed Death, a tale of a pyromaniac.

Great fun all around. Norvell Page could write.