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314459.1020.AI think the last time I saw this movie was when it was in the theaters back in 1973. Thirty-six years. Didn’t realize it was that long until I started adding things up.

It’s always been one of my favorites. The Trinity movies were okay. This one was much better. Starring Henry Fonda as Jack Beauregard, the aging gunfighter that wants to get away from itdownload all, and Terence Hill as the hero-worshiping young gunman who’s biggest dream is to see Beauregard face off against the Wild Bunch. All one hundred and fifty of them.

In watching this film after so long, I noticed a few things I didn’t remember from that long ago viewing. Just before the writing credit were the words “From An Idea by Sergio Leone.” I guess I misremembered that one.

imagesA second thing was, early in the movie, in a scene set in a graveyard, “Nobody” reads a name off a marker: Sam Peckinpah. Who, of course directed the movie The Wild Bunch. Nice little acknowledgment there.

The third was a small continuity error. When Nobody has manuevered things to set up the climactic battle, Beauregard takes out and dons his glasses to see who keeps backing the train up. Thirty seconds later, after he surrenders to the inevitable, he takes the glasses out and dons them in order to see his targets.

The music was done by Ennio Morricone, his usual superb job, original as well as other adapted to his style.

I enjoyed getting reacquainted with an old favorite.