I mentioned a while back that I’d intended a post on these boys. It had kind of slipped to the back burner though.
I’ve seen them live twice, once with Ted Nugent and the second with UFO opening for them. UFO, of course, featured Michael Schenker, brother of The Scorpions’ Rudolph Schenker, on lead guitar. If I remember correctly, Michael spent some time with The Scorpions as well.

I have a young friend in the business(he runs the sound board at most concerts in the area) and he called one day asking if he could bring a friend of his by so that I could set him straight. The Scorpions had just begun to have some commercial success with their Lovedrive album and his friend insisted that was their first record.

This was the days when vinyl was still predominant and I proceeded to show him the five or six earlier records I had(I didn’t have all of their previous releases myself). Ah, the young. They figure everything begins with them. I’m quite sure I was just as bad myself.

Here’s a couple of my favorites:

Rock You Like A Hurricane

No One Like You