Yesterday, August 21, was the fiftieth anniversary of Hawaii becoming a state. In 1959, I was just a couple of months shy of my tenth birthday. Yet I still remember the excitement I felt watching TV and reading the papers. I knew of Hawaii beforehand and the family had a very mild connection. One of my sisters was born on Pearl Harbor day in 1951 and mama said father had wanted to name her Pearl, something she absolutely forbid.
Hawaii has been on my mind lately after reading about a recent poll of fellow Tarheels on that stupid Birther nonsense. A second question asked of them was, “Do you believe Hawaii is part of the United States?”

While it wasn’t large, there was enough of a percentage to register that said no or weren’t sure to that question. That there was anyone at all is sad to me. The ignorance and North Carolinians at that! Which, in turn, set me to wondering what the percentage would be for a nationwide poll of the same question.

That says something to me about a lot of stuff in this country.