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Well, the 2009 season is here upon us at last.
I’m hoping for good things from the teams I follow. The Redskins have been a favorite for more years than I can remember, though I am a little disappointed in something they seem to be doing. More on that later. I started pulling for the Panthers when they came into existence some ten years or so ago(except when they play the Redskins of course). I became a fan of the Jets during the season they won the Super Bowl. I liked Namath’s style and brashness. They’ve done nothing but disappoint me ever since.

The new season starts Thursday night with the world champion Steelers playing the Titans before the full slate on Sunday.

Now about the Redskins I mentioned earlier. They are suing 125 fans with contracts for season tickets that have suffered job losses or setbacks in today’s economy and can no longer afford them. The team says they will work out arrangements for payment and the cases are for those that won’t work with them. But their “arrangements” usually require large outlays of cash down the line, which seems a bit unrealistic when no one knows what the future might be.

The team says it standard operating procedure and other teams do it as well. Not all of them do and some won’t say one way or the other. I don’t know. It seems a bit greedy to me. I know they have a long waiting list for tickets and, though I’m sure some of that group may be financially troubled as well, it seems likely they shouldn’t have trouble. replacing them.

On the Detroit Lions front, I’m certain the team will do better this season. There have been changes and things are looking a bit smoother. A long road ahead though. I’m glad for their fans.

And finally, we come to the ego that is Brett.

He’s a Minnesota Viking this year after retiring and coming back a couple of more times. I’ve lost count how many.

I don’t care what he says, I believe he’s there solely to show up the Packers for having the audacity to move ahead without him before he was ready to retire.

Remember the tearful retirement speech two years ago at the end of his last year with the Packers. From what I’ve seen on the sports shows, by March he was ready to come back and a Packer official was sent to his home to coordinate the press conference to announce his first unretirement, only to be told that he’d changed his mind again and was staying retired.

That’s when the team decided to move ahead with Rogers, quarterback in waiting several years by then. Then, just before training camp, Favre was ready to go and was mightily pissed when the Packers wouldn’t talk to him.

He thought he would go to the Vikings then, but the Packers were having none of that. So he wound up with the Jets. I could see in his face early in the season that he wasn’t happy about being there. His game collapsed late in the season, bun shoulder we were told, and the Jets didn’t make the playoffs.

Retirement again.

Then the Vikings made the offer, he had the surgery, decided no he wasn’t coming back, then miracle of miracles at the end of training camp, he’s back. Private plane, limo picking him up, the whole star treatment.

The sports show say he’s earned the right to do all this. But when does it stop and when does it become about the team again. I remember the last couple of years with Green Bay, he’d dither in the off season deciding whether he’d come back or not until well into the summer.

The Diva and his ego. That’s why I think the only reason he’s still playing is he wants to show Green Bay they were wrong. I’m no expert, but I see the Vikings stumbling at the end of a crucial game when gunslinger Brett throws a big interception at the wrong time. I don’t see it ending well. I’m glad I’m not a Viking fan.

I’ll just let my three teams disappoint me again.

I’m ready for some football.