HUNT AT WORLD’S END is the latest entry in the new pulp-style series of books from those who brought us the Hard Case Crime line, Dorchester and Charles Ardai. This one is written by Nicholas Kaufmann and, for my money anyway, is the third winner in a row. I’m a sucker for this type of fiction. What can I say?
Gabriel Hunt is having dinner with a woman he’d met on a flight back from Brazil where he’d found an item that had been missing for hundreds of years, the Death’s Head Key, lost along with it’s owner at the time, Vincenzo de Montoya. He’d spent a good while tracing the lost explorer’s path until he found the man’s remains and the key.

Suddenly armed men appear, led by a blond haired man, demanding the key and threatening his lady friend’s life. Under the gun, and a pistol whipping, Hunt is forced to give it up.

After his brother, Michael, picks him up from the hospital and they return to the Hunt Foundation, Gabriel is asked to investigate the silence from Joyce Wingard, niece of Professor Daniel Wingard, an old friend of their parents. The Foundation had backed her on a trip to Borneo for research on her doctorate. Contact had been lost and Michael was worried.

Hunt leaves for Borneo, which sets off a chain of world hopping events. Joyce Wingard wasn’t there to do research, you see, she was looking for the Eyes of Teshub, three gemstones separated and hidden around the world thousands of years ago. Find them, find Teshub’s arrowhead, and install them, it’s said, you’ll end up with either an immense source of power or a weapon, depending upon one’s aims.

Opposing them, and each other, are two groups. On one side is Edgar Grissom and his son, Julian, the blond giant, Gabriel learns, who took the Death’s Head Key from him, and their army of mercenaries. The second is an ancient cult devoted to guarding the Eyes of Sherub with a seemingly unending supply of acolytes to throw against them.

It’s a race as Gabriel and Joyce piece the clues together, battling the Grissoms, the cult, and jump around the world tracking each eye and then the Arrowhead. It’s a dangerous game they must win to keep a dangerous artifact out of the wrong hands.

The action is unending, keeping one rapidly turning those pages to find out what comes next, how Gabriel and Joyce never give up as they fight their way through cult and mercenary alike. Good stuff here.

This one comes out in late October and I’m already anxious for the next one. A neat little thriller and recommended. And I loved the cover. My first look I had visions of Doc Savage for some reason and that made me smile. Doc and Gabriel would get along fine(Wouldn’t that be a humdinger of a novel if they could contrive to get that pair together).