Today may be the beginning of the end. At least according to this site:

I don’t know exactly what time it’s supposed to start. Here we are several hours into the day and nothing has happened yet(knock on wood).

I’m not making fun of religion here, just those who claim some kind of insider knowledge. End of the world predictions have been going on for a couple of thousand years now and who knows how high the count goes.

They all have one thing in common. None have ever came true. I don’t expect this one will either. No one knows when or if the end will come and those who “confidently” announce a date show how foolish some of us can be.

update: it’s a whole year since the world was supposed to end. Now the site says fall of 2010. Here we go again. I fully expect when winter comes, that date will advance to 2011. If the folks there, and their descendants going millions of years down the road, continue to change the year, they will eventually be correct. Unfortunately there will be no one to crow, or listen to the crow, about their triumph.

Silly People.