I an amused this morning as the site I posted on here has changed their tune. Yesterday the Tribulation was supposed to start.

The beginning of the end of the world.

They deleted yesterday’s date and all references to date became the fall of 2009, the time of The Tribulation. One wonders what they will do when winter sets in and it doesn’t happen. Will they change it to the winter of 2009, extend it into 2010, or will they just dump the whole idea as a bad deal. How long will they pretend to know such things?

As I stated yesterday, I’m not making fun of anyone’s religion, just these idiots who presume they can put a date on such things. Believe or not believe, I think the arrogance of such people ia appalling.

I sometimes wonder if such ideas are simply a ploy by some of these people to fleece more money out of scared people. The true believers. I see too much of that and that’s why I have no faith at all in televangelists. Except one(more later).

I used to work with a man who was always extolling the virtues of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker and their wonderful work. His wife and he were always sending money to those religious scam artists. I remember warning him that he might as well flush that money down the toilet for all the good(in religious work) that it was doing. “Give to your local church if you want some good done with your money.”

The man would have none of it and when the Bakers had their fall from grace, he no longer wanted to speak of it. I don’t blame him. It was embarrassing for him.

The one televangelist I always believed in was Billy Graham. Politics aside, I liked how he always preached a sermon in his TV appearances and wasn’t asking for money every other sentence out of his mouth. He never asked for set amounts, only donations, and would still send the books however little you might send.

I don’t know what today’s televangelists are like as I will not watch them.

I guess I’ve lost the faith.