I wasn’t familiar with Amy Grech’s work before reading this collection of fourteen stories, her second book of tales. There’s a wide variety here, all of them in the horror vein. There are no exotic monsters. Well, maybe one. The scary ones in these stories are all too human.
The stories are infused with a sexuality/dark attitude that reveals secrets that lie beneath the surface of a lot of people. Most of us have the moral sense not to let such demons escape. Grech shows what can happen when such people are unrestrained.

And there are all to many like that loose in the world. We see it every day on the news.

Amy Grech’s style is pretty straight forward, something I appreciated as I read the book. No distractions as I tried to see where each tale was headed. More often than not, I was surprised.

Some of my favorites were the title story in which a handicapped child gets a very special Christmas gift, ASHES TO ASHES where a husband’s wedding vow to never leave his wife is truer than you might believe. PREVENTION MOTHER shows the folly of favoring one child over another. In CROSSHAIRS, a young boy goes to extraordinary lengths to please father. APPLE OF MY EYE centers on an odd relationship.

PERISHABLES and EV 2000 are futuristic tales. In the first, where do you turn in a post holocaust world when the canned foods lose their taste? And the inventor of a computerized blood donation machine learns the folly of such an endeavor.

A nice collection of stories. There were a couple I didn’t care for, but that’s not surprising. The next reader might have a whole different set of likes and dislikes.

Grech has a nice site here. Check it out.

I’m glad I read this book and would recommend it to anyone who likes horror.