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So far it has been a so-so weekend for me in NFL games. The ‘Skins lost to the Lions 19-14. As much as I’ve felt for Lions fans, and wished them some wins, WHY did it have to be against my Washington boys?
The state of that team hasn’t been very good since Daniel Snyder bought the franchise. He seems more enamored with the flavor of the week in coaches and players than someone who can do an effective job. Reminds me a lot of George Steinbrunner in the old days with the Yankees. That was before he learned to let real baseball people run things.

Both Snyder and Steinbrunner, when they bought their teams, seem to think that imbued them with some kind of knowledge aboutr running a sports franchise. Neither of them would have ever considered putting someone in charge of their businesses that had so little knowledge about the company.

Ah well, maybe in ten years or so(shudder), Snyder will grow to learn better.

Better luck with my Jets though. They prevailed over the Titans 24-17 for a 3-0 record. They look good, though I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall. Since the Super Bowl championship in 1969, they haven’t done much. A couple of times, they started well, only to fizzle at the end.

The Panthers, I want to say, played bad tonight, but that might be giving them more credit than they deserve. The defense had a decent game, but the offense, especially in the second half, was virtually nonexistent.

7-0 Panthers at halftime, the offense checked out in the second half, not recording a first down until the fourth quarter. Jake ended up with two interceptions and a fumble. The commentators all agreed that the two picks were not his fault and the fumble came in the last minute when DelHomme was being sacked on a fourth down play. So the ball was Dallas’ anyway.

Final score 21-7 Dallas.

New Orleans, at 3-0, is looking good, the Panthers and Bucs at 0-3 look really bad

Another bad week.