YOU DIE…BUT I LIVE is a 1967 spaghetti western starring Terry Jenkins and Enrico Maria Salerno in that age old tale of the student surpassing the master.
At the beginning, we see a young man tossed off a train, his saddle kept as “payment” for the ticket he didn’t buy.

Then the train is hit by the Billy Kane gang, who proceed to rob and slaughter everyone aboard. Kane never leaves witnesses. But the outlaw had a reason for taking this train. He knew that a notorious gunman was there after him.

Richard Martin is an elegantly dressed gentleman and he steps off to face Kane. The pupil has gotten better since they last met, such that he slices Martin’s holster from his belt and leaves the old master with a bullet through each hand.

When next we see Martin, it’s three years later and he’s a shell of the man he used to be, reduced to a carnival barker hawking the trick shot artist he’d taught all his skills. Kane, amused by it all, kills the young shooter and heads to the bar for a drink. Enraged, Martin goes after him and in the ensuing fist fight with the gang, a stranger takes a hand on Martin’s side.

Ricky Sharp is the name he goes by and the two men hook up, once again a master with a student. Martin wants him to get good enough to stop Kane and his gang, but Ricky has his own agenda with Billy Kane. He was the young man thrown off the train and the knife from his saddle was used to kill.

You can probably figure how the rest goes. A pretty good western with nice background music by Egisto Macchi and directed by Massimo Dallamo, names with which I’m not familiar. A little research tells me that Dallamo had worked with Leone on the “Dollar” pictures and actor Salemo had dubbed the Italian for Eastwood on those same movies.

The cinematography is very good(Dallamo did his own) and the movie has that look that sets it apart from most spaghetti westerns. Recommended.