WE: 145: The Gun Fight – Richard Matheson

MY: 146: East of A – Russell Atwood

TH: 147: Vampire A Go-Go – Victor Gischler

WE: 148: Who Rides With Wyatt – Will Henry

TH: 149: The Hunter – Richard Stark(Donald E. Westlake)

WE: 150: Journal of The Gun Years – Richard Matheson

WE: 151: Misfit LIL Cheats The Hangrope – Chap O’Keefe

The Spider VS The Empire State: The Complete Black Police Trilogy
TH: 152: The City That Paid To Die – Norvell Page

TH: 153: The Spider At Bay – Norvell Page

TH: 154: Scourge Of The Black Legions – Norvell Page

WE: 155: By The Gun: Six From Richard Matheson

WE: 156: The Memoirs of Wild Bill Hickok – Richard Matheson

SF: 157: Armageddon 2419 A. D. – Philip Francis Nowlan

HR: 158: Ground Zero: A Repairman Jack novel – F. Paul Wilson

WE: 159: The Loner: Dead Man’s Gold – J. A. Johnstone

WE: 160: Misfit Lil Robs The Bank – Chap O’Keefe

SF: 161: Transformers: The Veiled Threat – Alan Dean Foster

HR: 162: Blanket of White – Amy Grech

CR: 163: The Moonshine War – Elmore Leonard

SF: 164: Mordred – John Eric Holmes

MY: 165: The Last Dickens – Matthew Pearl

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