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I was pleased with the outcome of game one last night. Any time the Yankees lose, it’s a good day. The Phillies, or specifically Cliff Lee, completely dominated New York. Ten strike outs, no walks, Lee looked as relaxed as I’ve ever seen a pitcher in the series. The sportscasters say it might have been the greatest series game pitched in recent memory.
The nonchalant catch of Damon’s pop-up to the mound, the command of all his pitches, the behind the back stab of the line drive(it was surely luck) that he snagged, he was never in any real trouble. He likely would have had a shut-out but for a minor flub by Rollins.

Chase Utley’s two single run homers were icing on the cake.

Can they keep it up? The experts still say the Yankees will win the series. Of course, everybody was picking the American League representative for game one. It didn’t happen.

We’ll see how tonight’s game goes.