The Global Globules Affair – Simon Latter images

The Birds of A Feather Affair – Michael Avallone

The Golden Boats of Taradata Affair – Simon Latter

The Cornish Pixie Affair – Peter Leslie

This is a series I’d coveted for a long time. For years I had no idea how to find books from across the ocean. Then the internet came along and made it so much easier for me to find and order them(I also filled out a couple of other series missing books from back in the sixties).

$T2eC16d,!w0E9szN,FyCBQsSZJpil!~~60_35The Global Globules Affair

THRUSH’s plan here is to screw up the world’s monetary system by using a chemical called K.S.R.6. the plot is led by Dr. Karel Karadin. It’s up to April Dancer and her Partner Mark Slate to foil the deal.

The Birds of A Feather affair

This was the first book in the American series.

Mark Slate has been kidnapped by THRUSH and the ransom demand is more than U.N.C.L.E. will pay. April Dancer has to infiltrate THRUSH in order to find Slate before it’s too late.

The Golden Boats of Taradata Affair3821287

The Palaga family, descended from pirates, rules the island of Taradata. Their industry these days is exporting coracles(small bowl shaped boats). Dancer and Slate are investigating the island when they uncover a nasty THRUSH plot to use the common cold as a weapon.

The Cornish Pixie Affair

Peter Leslie also wrote five Man From U.N.C.L.E. novels.

images (1)Pixies made of black porphery(a stone material commonly used for counter tops) seems to be in high demand. They are tied in with the murder of a female U.N.C.L.E. agent and April has gone undercover in Cornwall with a circus troupe to find out why the murder was committed.

Naturally she stumbles onto an insidious THRUSH plot.

The Birds of A Feather Affair – Michael Avallone

The Blazing Affair – Michael Avallone

There were two books in the American series. The first was later published asimages (3) the second in the British series. Same cover photo in a different design.
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The Blazing Affair

After escaping a trap in a South African diamond mine, Dancer and Slate are sent to investigate a new organization called TORCH, whose aim is to establish a Fourth Reich. The pair pursue their inquiries from Budapest to Johannesburg in an effort to stop the new Nazis.