Not a good week for my teams.
The Panthers played the Saints in New Orleans this week. hey started off very well, scoring on a 66 yard run second play of the game for a TD, then causing Brees to fumble on their first series. Recovering that, the Panthers were suddenly up 14-0.

To good to be true though. The Saints fought back, as I knew they would, in the second half, taking the lead late in the fourth, then scoring a defensive TD to lock it up.

Watching this game, I came away with one impression. Jake is still starting, but the coaching staff seems to have lost the faith. They played too conservatively at times when a quick strike could have done damage. It seems like they don’t feel Jake can deliver anymore. It may be true. That time comes to all athletes.

Make no mistake though. The Saints are one of the best teams in the league this year. They didn’t quit, but kept plugging away. Congrats, Charles.

And as for Hurricane Ida, stay safe folks. We’re thinking about you with fingers crossed.

The Falcons smacked down my ‘Skins 31-17. I think I’m going to agree with some sportscasters. The ‘Skins may not win another game this year.