I have a question and I hope someone out there can answer it. Is it possible for comments on one blog to get shifted to another?

Yesterday I received four comments together for moderation. They were for a post on an old book review. The comments had absolutely nothing to do with the book. What I got, on three of them, was some vile racist ranting, the fourth taking the other three to task for saying such stuff and telling them to take it to a forum. The three racist comments were from two using internet pseudonyms(they didn’t want to lay claim to such garbage I guess). The only one that used a real name was the one calling their BS.

They didn’t appear to be spam, at least not any like I’ve seen before. My spam filter catches the normal types of this junk. If it was, I can’t see the reason for it.

I, of course, deleted them. I will not have such insanity on my blog.

Is it possible for comments to jump from one blog to another?