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Not a good week for my teams.

The Panthers played Miami Thursday night on the NFL network(Time-Warner doesn’t carry it; I don’t think a lot of cable does for that matter). Jake had a pick deep in Dolphins territory, but the defense was a little suspect this time.

Ricky Williams rushed for two TDs and had one passing TD that really hurt. One long rushing one late in the game that, had the Panthers held them, would have gotten the ball back.

Result: a 24-17 loss that left the Panthers at 4-6. The Saints didn’t have a lot of trouble with the Bucs to stay undefeated and the Falcons lost to the Giants 34-31 in overtime.

The ‘Skins defense played pretty good, although a couple of easy picks were dropped in the first quarter. Two missed field goals, the first of the year for their kicker, cost them though as the Cowboys scored a TD late for a 7-6 win.

The shame of losing to the Cowboys(sigh).

The Jets are still playing New England, but are heading for a loss. Despite returning a Brady fumble for a TD, they are down 24-7 early in the third quarter and show no signs of being able to mount a comeback.

Ah well. Congratulations to the Lions for their second win, though it was over the hapless Browns.