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Another bad week for my teams. It was already going to be a bad one as the Panthers and the Jets were playing each other. I was torn about who to pull for. Neither team is going anywhere but the end of the regular season. I’ve been a Jets fan for forty years and a Panthers fan for as long as they’ve been in existence.

It wasn’t a good day for Jake again. The last few games he’d played well with only one pick. This time around he had four, though the first can’t be laid at his feet. Who would expect the ball to bounce off the back of Steve Smith’s heel, when he doesn’t look around, and rebound at a ninety degree angle into a Jet defender’s hands, who then romps for a TD?

The Panthers saved one Jet score when a receiver tries to lunge into the end zone from the four, with a Panther defender hanging on him, only to fumble the ball with Carolina recovering in the end zone.

Still, final score: 17-6 Jets.

The ‘Skins held the lead most of the way against the Eagles and I had delusions that they might pull it out, only to let Philadelphia score late and make a two point conversion to tie it, then a field goal to win 27-24.

Ah well, this season is a lost cause for all three. I see changes coming in the off-season for both Carolina and Washington. Both coaches and quarterbacks. I feel, at best, Jake might remain as back-up. He’s getting a lot of bad press around here. And the shadow of Bill Cowher looms over John Fox’s shoulder. He lives in Raleigh and has a daughter in college.

The press says he might want the job. Of course, as any decent man would, he won’t say so while Fox is still the Panther’s coach.

The big one is tomorrow night. I’ll definitely pull for the Saints in that one. Never the Patriots.